The Ghost Note Name


Some have asked us, “What is a Ghost Note?”.

Ghost Note is defined by Wikipedia as 'a musical note with a rhythmic value, but no discernible pitch when played'. Drummers know it as the notes that are played very softly between the main notes. Though seemingly unnoticed to the listener, they fill out the beat and add greater dimension and depth to the music.

But Ghost Notes aren’t only in the music. To put it succinctly, we all sense the Ghost Notes -- those gentle, intangible beats tapped out from countless sources, past and present, that quietly add texture and depth to our lives. These echoes of the past are more felt than heard -- unnoticed when they are there, but noticed when they are not -- like a summer breeze, or an inspiration.

In each of our unique journeys, those Ghost Note beats are with us. And when that journey moves through Texas, the notes can be as rich and diverse as the history and landscape itself. They are crafted from the time-tested lessons and adages of the past, forging new riffs into the future, culminating in their own distinct rhythm, inescapably linking the old with the new.

To the brewer, there are Ghost Notes amongst the water, the grains and the yeast, the wood and the steel, bringing their own story to each batch of beer. And in each sampling of the beer, these Ghost Notes speak faintly, imparting their own complexity and texture between the main notes. And when the notes blend together in synchronized harmony, the magic of a harmonious whole emerges.

They can be hard to pin down these Ghost Notes; just be mindful of their existence.