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Neighborwood with Passion Fruit & Plum - Foeder Solera Project Bottles 500ml

Introducing new bottles for our Neighborwood Foeder Solera Project! Currently available at our taproom, a batch refermented with passion fruit and plum puree for over a year. ABV 7.8 / IBU 18

Read on for more details about the Solera Project.

Neighborwood is a series of beers from our Foeder Solera Project. At Ghost Note we have 2 large oak tanks called Foeders, named Waylon and Willie. Waylon houses a mixed culture of bacteria and yeast. Beer is aged in the wood and when it’s ready a portion is removed for additional treatment, blending, and bottling. That portion is replaced with a new young beer and the cycle of aging continues. This “Solera-style” method produces beers that are complex and unique yet familiar; tied to both the past, present, and future. We take great care in making these beers and we hope you enjoy them!

A big thanks to Fernando Munoz for creating the beautiful artwork and designing the labels! Check out more of his work at